• Olives

    A unique combination of old world wisdom and four generations of farming experience provides the Ricchiuti family with the expertise to craft the highest quality of fresh, organic extra virgin olive oil.  ENZO Olive Oil Company remains committed to Ricchiuti Family Farms’ 90-year tradition of excellence by planting each and every tree, harvesting the crop, milling the fruit, and bottling the oil under the direction of Patrick and Vincent Ricchiuti. This hands-on, estate-grown approach is what it takes to produce premium, aromatic, and flavorful olive oil.


    True to tradition, P-R Farms, Inc. also offers fresh olives to their customers who want quality products for the making of home-cured delicacies. P-R Farms, Inc.’s olives are available at ENZO’S TABLE in September and October and are packed specifically to your advance order.

    • Proud Member of the California Olive Oil Council
    • Certified Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council
    • Certified Organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers
    • Certified Organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
    • Certified Kosher by the Kosher Supervision of America
    • Member of the American Olive Oil Producers Association
    • California Olive Oil Council Winner

    Olive Oil Mill―ENZO Olive Oil Company

    7770 Road 33 Madera, California, 93636

    PR-Farms-3313Nestled among picturesque olive groves in the Central San Joaquin Valley, ENZO Olive Oil Company’s mill is home to the award-winning, 100% estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil. Unlike many other olive oil companies, the entire olive oil process at ENZO is completed from start to finish on-site, producing one of the freshest oils available and assuring superior quality and taste.  The trees―planted in an optimal climate, similar to the Mediterranean region―are carefully nurtured year-round by Patrick Ricchiuti and his son, Vincent.  Once picked at prime conditions, the olives are then transported immediately from the grove to the plant where the milling process begins.  Finally, the olive oil is bottled and ready to be enjoyed by all food enthusiasts, enhancing everyday culinary creations and the finest gourmet delights.